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Backyard Blueberries Wax Melt

Backyard Blueberries Wax Melt

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Our Backyard Blueberries fills your space with the scent of freshly picked mouthwatering blueberries.

What Makes it Special:

  • Clean fragrance oils that exclude cancer causing ingredients.
  • Premium fragrances inspired by the south.
  • Customized soy-blend wax blended and poured in Gulfport, MS.
  • Women owned and operated small business.

  • Fragrance:¬†Backyard Blueberries
    Fragrance Family: Sweet & fruity
    Fragrance Description: this sweet aroma fills your room with the smell of freshly picked blueberries.
    Fragrance Notes: blueberry, raisin, vanilla, sugar, cream, spice, graham cracker.

    Use and Care:
    * Depending on your fragrance strength preference, melt one to two blocks of wax in a warmer.
    * To remove used wax from the warmer bowl, unplug the warmer, drop a few cotton balls to allow cotton balls to absorb the wax.
    * Enjoy 50-80 hours of your favorite fragrance per container.

     50-80 hours
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