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This program is not a Multilevel Marketing Program. This program was created to strictly help with financial gaps. The owners of Mississippi Candle Co. have a huge heart and helping people is their passion. Let us help you create an extra income by simply selling products people already love!


  • We encourage working with a friend or family member but it is not required. The terms below we will reference a team whether you sell solo or with someone else. 
  • Mississippi Candle Co. does not want to interrupt sales for our retailers. For this, we are restricting one “team” per county or parish. 
  • You must only participate in local events, festivals, etc. within your county. All events must be pre-approved. Events and festival fees are paid by you. You must only offer Mississippi Candle Co. products at any event for festival and brand your booth space as Mississippi Candle Co.
  • Consignment and wholesale of any kind through this program is strictly prohibited.
  • Fragrance parties and social selling are encouraged but not required.
  • Purchases through this program will be reviewed. Purchases may be canceled and refunded if abuse of this program occurs.
  • If your zip code is taken, you may opt in to be placed on our waiting list.
  • Terms may change with or without notice.
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