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  We have a $400 minimum order and $200 minimum reorder for open zip code. Companies that would like to participate in our zip code protection will be required to place a first minimum order of $1,200 and reorder of $600 bi-monthly. Minimum order requirements are a subtotal prior shipping cost. Please see our zip code protection policy below.


Candles/Wax Melts:
2.3oz Wax Melts: $7.99
16oz Candle: $28.99
10oz Candle: $24.99


  • Prior to approval as a wholesale customer you must apply under Wholesale Account Login/Sign-up. Need an Account? Sign up here.
  • Upon approval as a wholesale customer you will be able to view our wholesale pricing, shop our products, and place orders directly from our website. Bulk order pricing is listed under each product.
  • Need help? Sales: (228) 263- 2727 or (228) 263-0200



    Products purchased are required to be sold at Suggested Retail or higher. Do not sell lower than suggested retail. Zip code protection will not be honored if items are sold under suggested retail and we will contact the next retailer in line. Products may be discounted by 30%, any larger discount must have prior written approval. If products are discounted more than 30% and did not receive prior written approval will be banned from purchasing Mississippi Candle Co. products and all accounts will be disconnected without notice.


    Wholesale accounts are available to brick-and-mortar retail shops with a website.  Businesses are forbidden from selling merchandise on any other online retail outlet, exclusion applies to CommentSold. Merchandise may not be sold on Marketplace, Amazon, EBay, through Facebook Buy-In Groups, etc.



      Companies that would like to participate in our zip code protection program will be required to place a first minimum order of $1,200 and reorder of $600 bi-monthly. Mississippi Candle Co. allows two retailers per zip code excluding cities with multiple zip codes. Wholesale locations must be two miles or further for multiple retail zip code location allowance. Cities with multiple zip codes are allowed one retailer per zip code. Zip code protection is honored after minimum order is paid and a reorder is placed within every 60 days. Our staff will contact you or your location before and after your zip code protection has expired. If a reorder is not placed after the second attempt to reach you, we will contact the next in line.  



    The sell of Mississippi Candle Co. products are strictly prohibited from Vendor Markets and Antique Malls unless the owner of the market or mall is the purchaser. If a wholesale account is found to be a vendor at a market or vendor mall Mississippi Candle Co. will close online access to the wholesale customer.



    Products are displayed when logged in as a approved wholesaler. Prices are subject to change without notice but confirmed order pricing will be honored. 


    We accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express) and PayPal.  Arrangements can be made to pay by check with an establish relationship. Bounced check fee is $60, 30 day late payment fee is $25. A $25 late fee will be added every 30 days that the invoice is left unpaid. If a customer is past due more than 30 days the customers account will be disabled, zip code protection will be dissolved & we will contact the next in line.



    Shipping cost will be calculated at the time of shipping. All wholesale customers that select Free Shipping will receive another invoice containing shipping cost. Products will not ship until shipping is paid. We make every attempt to ship out orders within 10 business days. Deliveries may vary depending on UPS. Shipping cost is based on size and weight, typically 10%-15% of cost.
    All orders are processed in the order in which the invoices are paid, not placed.


    No returns or exchanges for wholesale and consumer orders will be accepted.


    Coupon/discount codes will not be honored for wholesale purchases due to our low margins.


    Please inspect all shipments upon arrival. Contact info@mississippicandle.com via email within 5 days of receiving the damaged shipments. Returned merchandise will be replaced with new merchandise. Returned merchandise will not be accepted if it is held for more than 10 days after receipt.


    Terms and conditions may change without prior notice.

    Please fill out the form below if you would like to inquire about opening a wholesale account with us. Leave your name, email, phone number, and the best time/way to reach you.