How to Choose a Fragrance

How to Choose a Fragrance

   When it comes to buying fragrances for gifts it can be hard. Then many times your go to fragrance is vanilla but that special person may not prefer that scents. Many fragrances trigger a memory or feelings. We also associate fragrances with our favorite people. As a child, I remember visiting my great grandparents in Missouri. My great grandfather was the brightest and sweetest man I have ever known. He always had a smoking pipe filled with cherry tobacco in his shirt pocket. To this day, if I smell the smell of cherry tobacco it triggers memories of a cold Christmas with warm hot chocolate and lots of love. This is why it is so important to choose a fragrance that compliments your personality when you decide how to fragrance your home. Take a moment and think about your favorite person. What scents do you associate with them? Do they smell floral, masculine? Maybe a hint of gardenia or mahogany. What scent do you want your friends and family to associate with you? If you're not sure, we have created a few guidelines to help you!

What is your day like?

  You will want to choose a scent that compliments your everyday life. Are you constantly on the go, jumping between meetings, locations or tasks? Go for a fresh or clean fragrance to tone down the hectic or busy lifestyle - Delta Cotton, Rayne, and Silver Leaf are great light fragrances that may add some consistency to the busiest of days.

  Maybe you're in sales or a banker. Your days are typically filled with conference calls, spreadsheets and an array of different personalities. Your goal is to create a comfortable and relatable atmosphere for your customers. Choose a relatable yet comforting fragrance with soft florals or a hint of mahogany - Hattiesburg, Southern Magnolia, South Mississippi and Waveland are great for the bankers and sales representatives. 

  Do you work from home or spend a large portion of your day on a computer? Create an attentive and energetic atmosphere with fruity or a clean citrus - Backyard Blueberries, Lemon Drop or South Mississippi fragrances are the perfect for the afternoon slump.

  If you spend your evenings at home you want to keep warm and cozy fragrances stocked to promote a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Maybe you're a stay at home mom or dad. Either way, you want a warm and cozy atmosphere. The best fragrances for warm and cozy are Creme Brulee, Hot Buttered Rum, Fallin' for Mississippi or OMG! Coffee.


Consider the Notes

The top note of any fragrance is the first impression you get from that scent, then after a little while you’ll smell the middle notes, and the base notes are the bold, strong notes which tie the scent together.. Think about what fragrance you want to be the first impression a visitor has in your home. Do you want it to be bold, soft, warm, or cool? Citrus fragrances have a bright, tart top note. Fresh fragrances have a light and airy first impression, often followed by a complimentary floral, herbal, or green middle. Oriental and Spice scents have unique scent profiles- sometimes warm and soothing, other times bold and sparkling. You can search by fragrance category on our website to see which scents fall into the different fragrance categories.


Where will you use this fragrance?

A very important part of deciding which fragrance is best for you is narrowing down where you’ll use that fragrance. Maybe you're like me and want to choose a different fragrance to keep in your car and throughout your home. A few quick guidelines if you’re thinking about mixing and matching- fresh scents go well in powder rooms and mud rooms, woody fragrances go well in bed rooms and living spaces, and citrus or fruity fragrances are great for the kitchen! Go for something fun and different in your car like Pearl (my personal favorite car fragrance).


What do you like?

This is the most important thing to consider when you find your personal fragrance. A great way to find your favorite is by smelling lots of different scents and trying them out over the course of a few days. If you want to experiment, try our sample set - they’re a steal at $2.00 each.

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