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IMPORTANT - Please read before you place your PRE-ORDER
PRE-ORDERS are orders placed before the bowls arrive.

Please understand that we are a tiny business going through a growth spurt and making all of the products out of our home. We are currently looking for a warehouse. Until then, we will be backed up due to space.

The items labeled as "PRE-ORDER" do not have the same TAT as other products. Please know that you are placing a PRE-ORDER and not a standard order. This will take more than 15 business days to ship. If you add another item that is not a PRE-ORDER to your order that item will ship WITH your PRE-ORDER.

We are waiting on more bowls to arrive. Please have patience and know that your PRE-order will come. A lot of things can happen behind the scenes like late delivery, broken bowls, or bowls may come in the wrong color. 

You are welcome to check on your PRE-ORDER anytime via email or text. Please include your order number in the email or text.


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