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 Because Jessica Simon wanted a better life with her family, she resigned from a corporate job and started her own business, Mississippi Candle Co. "I wanted something my family and I could do together." she says. "I was forced to miss out on several milestones due to my job and did not want to miss anymore. That is also my promise to future employees, they will never miss a milestone due to work."
  Simon had been selling candles at craft shows for over a year when she decided to leave the corporate world and go into business for herself. "I was encouraged by my husband to dive into wholesale. On one of my days off, I drove from one side of the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the other and picked up 14 new retailers in one day, including three Coast casinos," she says.
   Since she admits to being obsessed with fragrances, candle making is the perfect business for her. "Everything must smell good!" she says. 
  At this point, her greatest success has been her laundry detergent. Simon comes from a family of business owners and started her first business with her mother at age 19, and it's still operating today. Her advice for young female entrepreneurs is to find your passion but remember your purpose.
   Originally from Foley, Alabama, Simon and her husband moved to Mississippi in 2015 and fell in love with the hospitality they've found on the Coast.

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