• Biloxi

    Immerse yourself in the aromas of waves crashing onto a rocky Biloxi coastline with a storm brewing in the distance. Our Biloxi fragrance evokes the churn of the sea, wrapping the water, sand, and salt together into a clean and ozonic scent.

  • Blue Coconut

    Blue Coconut is a powerhouse combination of coconut milk and coconut with subtle notes of caramelized sugar, tonka, and sandalwood for that toasted to perfection finish.

  • Brookhaven

    Think Sweet Grace. Our Brookhaven fragrance has green, citrusy, fresh top notes with floral middle notes of rose, jasmine & lily enhanced by long lasting woody, musky, earthy, amber & sweet cotton candy type bottom note.

  • Coastline

    Coastline comes to life with the fusion of jasmine, gardenia, and guava surrounded by blooming plumeria. Hints of green leaves and powder complete this classic, enduring tropical fragrance.

  • Delta Cotton

    Our Delta Cotton has an earthy, exotic twist on the fresh familiarity of clean cotton.

  • Drift

    Amber and white musk Drift throughout this sweet floral heart underscored by sultry sandalwood and vetiver. Great for people who are sensitive to fragrances. This fragrance is subtle.

  • Hattiesburg

    Hattiesburg is a sweetly sophisticated take on a cotton candy fragrance. This sugary scent is enhanced by fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry, and black currant, while base notes of tonka, vanilla, and a hint of light musk keep this ultra sweet scent grounded.

  • Midnight Marsh

    Midnight Marsh is a sensual and masculine scent with notes of lavender, amber, & dark musk.

  • Mississippi Sunrise

    Think Volcano. Where the crisp watery accents add sparkle to an accord of tropical foliage with the fruity heart of this summer blend. Pineapple, goji berry and mango are perfectly blended for an exotic sensation, as a hint of driftwood adds lingering tones of sunny warmth to the island sensation.

  • Ocean Springs

    Ocean Springs is an enchanting blend of fresh evergreens and fruits. Cooling camphor, airy ozone, and a hint of citrus start off this complex scent. Middle notes of deep red berry balance the woody pine and juniper notes. The fresh evergreen notes are reinforced by eucalyptus, fir needle, and cedar leaf essential oils.

  • Ole Country Bakery

    Ole Country Bakery fills your space with the fragrance of a small town bakery. This fragrance features cinnamon and vanilla.

  • OMG! Coffee

    Finally, a candle that makes you say, "OMG!". Our OMG! Coffee fragrance has real ground coffee that smells like freshly made coffee that starts this scent off strong, while a touch of sugar and cream add the perfect amount of sweetness.

  • Oxford

    Think Diva. Oxford has a clean, ozone, fruity green top notes with jasmine, lily of the valley, mid notes of lavender, and woody, earthy, and musky bottom notes.

  • Rayne

    The sweet yet salty oceanic accords combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. The fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cardamom seed and clove leaf.

  • Retreat

    Experience the thrill of the tropics with our Retreat fragrance. Exotic coconut, juicy pineapple, and vibrant orange will transport you to an adventure-filled beach. The warm coumarin and alluring jasmine provide a balance while the soft musk, heliotropin, and vanilla add a comforting touch. Order now for an unforgettable scent experience!

  • South Mississippi

    South Mississippi is a unique blend of rare mahogany layered with coconut, sandalwood, vanilla and oakmoss.

  • Southern Belle

    Relax in a camphoraceous blend of herbs, lavender, and coastal woods.

  • Southern Magnolia

    This beautiful floral scent is the great combination of magnolia and peaches. The peaches are soft and gives a great balance to the strong floral fragrance.

  • Starkville

    Refreshing blend of fresh flowers and light coconut with a soothing musk and sandalwood base.

  • Watermelon Moonshine

    Satisfy your cravings with our Watermelon Moonshine fragrance! This scent combines juicy chunks of watermelon with zesty lime for a refreshing and irresistible aroma. Perfect for anyone looking for a unique and playful twist on traditional scents.

  • Apple Bourbon

    This mouthwatering, boozy scent starts with top notes of apple, cinnamon, and a hint of orange. Bourbon and butter are the heart of this fragrance, while rich, sweet maple and vanilla finish off this irresistible fragrance.

  • Apple Harvest

    Our Apple Harvest is a true, ripe apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. It has year-round appeal but is especially nice around apple picking time. Apple Harvest may be the apple scent you didn't know you needed, but can't live without.

  • Gingerbread

    Whether you make them with gingerbread or graham crackers, Gingerbread captures the homemade essence of candy-covered holiday houses. A treat for kids of all ages, this gourmand fragrance combines notes of ginger, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla for a scrumptious smelling treat.

  • Mississippi Christmas

    It begins with top notes of invigorating eucalyptus and camphor, while middle notes of pine and fir are reinforced by a touch of spiced clove.

  • Mississippi Whiskey

    The ultimate Fall fragrance you didn't know you needed. This fragrance features red apples, coconut milk, and red raspberries are surrounded with cedar and redwood on a base of tonka, sheer wood and vanilla beans.

  • Pomegranate Currant

    Pomegranate Currant is an alluring blend of tart red fruit and herbal florals. Bright grapefruit and lemon peel start off this fragrance with a citrus punch. Notes of red currant and pomegranate bolster this lively scent, before giving way to base notes of rosemary, geranium, and earthy cedar.

  • Pumpkin Spice

    Pumpkin Spice fills spaces with a deliciously spiced autumnal scent. For lovers of pumpkin fragrance, this scent would be a unique and beautiful addition to your collection. Comforting bakery notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and cardamom blend with the pumpkin and sweet cake. Dark rum, butter, and tonka bean base notes round out this scrumptious gourmand fragrance.